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Steel Tables

We have always been interested in the design of furniture and objects. It is especially interesting to design a table or chair to fit within a larger architectural project we are working on. These are examples of tables that we have designed for a variety of situations and clients. The "FTC dining table" was designed for our clients at the the Holly Vista House in Pasadena. The round "Saladang table" we designed for the restaurant Saladang Song. The picnic table is a prototype for a park and the "Multi-table" was for an office conference room.
2-0203-116_FTC Table_Image 02.JPG
2-0203-116_FTC Table_Image 04.JPG
2-0203-116_FTC Table_Image 01.JPG
2-0203-116_FTC Table_Image 06.JPG
45b_Saladang Table_large_19A.JPG
116_Alum furn_Picnic_001.jpg
0710_D_MultiTable TR Model09_0210_013.jpg