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Collaboration with Artist Todd Gray "Cartesian Gris Gris," David Lewis Gallery, New York, New York

Peter Tolkin worked with artist Todd Gray to design a series of architectural elements for Todd’s exhibition Cartesian Gris-Gris on view at the David Lewis Gallery in New York. The elements support this photo-based exhibition addressing the heterotopic complexities of colonial and post-colonial space. Our architectural interventions consist of an “upside-down” curved wall and column covered in a translucent paper veil for Todd to draw on. The wall and column, two primary figures in the history of architecture, serve as a kind of Gris-Gris amulet hung within the white gallery space. The curved wall also loosely references the geometry of the entrance wall to Todd and sculptor Kyungmi Shin’s home in Ghana.


Status: Built 
Year: 2019

Project Team: Peter Tolkin, Sarah Lorenzen, Trenman Yau, Socrates Medina
In collaboration with Artist Todd Gray
Built by David Lewis Gallery 
Photographs courtesy of artist and David Lewis Gallery
Photographer: Phoebe d’Heurle

Installation Shots of "Cartesian Gris Gris" at David Lewis Gallery in New York, NY . Exhibition Dates: April 30 - June 30, 2019 

Press on Exhibition: The Brooklyn Rail, Frieze, Artforum