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Collaboration with Artist Charles Gaines “Moving Chains,” St. Louis, Missouri

The conceptual artist Charles Gaines asked us to collaborate on a large permanent installation in front of the Gateway Arch. The project is a 200 foot long and 10 foot wide wooden structure with thick mooring chains that rotate to simulate the current of the Mississippi River. Visitors would be able to enter the structure and watch the chains moving above them. If the Arch is a gateway to the expansion of the American frontier through a belief in Manifest Destiny and a celebration of Colonial empowerment, this installation shows that there was another side to this story, one of commerce, trade, and slavery.

Status: Unbuilt
Year: 2014-2015

A project proposal by Charles Gaines in collaboration with Peter Tolkin Architecture Curated by Meredith Johnson of Creative Time for CityArchRiverArch 2015 & Great Rivers Greenway
Project Team:

Artist: Charles Gaines, Charles Gaines Studio
Architect Collaborator: Peter Tolkin, Peter Tolkin Architecture Inc.
Peter Tolkin Architecture Inc Team: Albert Escobar, Ismaelly Pena, Vaishali Shah
Structural Consultant: Karl Blette, Structural Engineer
Fabrication: Rando Productions, Inc
Fabricator DRED SCOTT TOWER (video): Standard Vision, David Agnew, President